Miscellaneous demo related stuff

Uwe Girlich, uwe@half-empty.de

v1.0.11, 10/23/2009

Here I collect small demo related things. Everything with its own version number get its own directory and does not appear here.

Quake CD track parsing analyser
This is a Quake DEM file, which prints with any Quake version the CD track parsing method.
Eschaton Repair Script
With this Perl script you can repair the standard Eschaton distribution.
MUlti-Level DEmo Repair kit
With this Perl script you can repair and split multi-level DM2 text files.
DM2 Processor
With this Perl script you can manipulate frame and skin in ranges of DM2 blocks.
Quake Font Table
This Quake DEM file saves a screenshot with an ASCII table of the Quake font.
Win32 additionals
There you find run-time DLLs for the Win32 versions of LMPC.

Last changed: 10/23/2009, Uwe Girlich

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